Privacy policy

1. Login and Registration
Why do you need my e-mail address as your user name?
Your e-mail address is unique worldwide. The e-mail address as your user name is a clearly defined term and in case of the loss of the password a new password can be sent quickly and automatically . Thanks to these advantages, the e-mail address as your user name has proved already in many shop and other online applications. Regarding note to sensitive customer data, please read the "Privacy" in the general terms and conditions.

2. Privacy
How safe is my information protected?
The data collected will be treated confidentially and in good faith. You will not be disclosed to third parties. Please read the detailed information contained in the terms and conditions.

3. Tips on Browser configuration
What browsers are supported?

The pages are displayed in the online shop tested and optimized for the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 - 11
Mozilla Firefox 40 - 54
Safari 7 - 9
Google Chrome 46 - 61
Opera 34 -46
Microsoft Edge 14